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Natural Stone Supplies

Granite McCutcheon is a natural stone supplier offering a wide range of natural stones for use in your landscaping projects. Whether you are planning a custom wall, a flower bed, a garden wall, a pathway or a patio, our years of experience in the natural stone industry will allow us to guide you in making the best selection for your project.

The use of natural stone as a medium in landscaping projects is become more and more valued and will certainly add to the beauty of your home. Natural stone remain the most desired choice of materials for landscape architects and contractors. If you are looking for a custom, natural look that will last forever we invite you to come and visit us in person. With years of experience in the stone industry we have ability to help you plan your project and to select the perfect stone.

We offer a wide range of natural stones which are commonly used in landscaping projects, stones such as granite, sandstone, limestone, slate and flagstone. Our extensive selection of landscaping stones will provide you with the perfect product to enhance your home's beauty.


Types of natural stones








Natural stone veneers

Natural stone veneer can be used in a variety of products and projects. Stone veneers are produced in a range of textures, from rough to polished, and various sizes and colours; according to the look your are seeking and the project you have in mind, choosing the right veneer will accentuate the natural beauty of your project.

Come and visit us. Let us put our years our experience working with natural stone to good use; allow us to help you select the best natural stone for your veneer project in order to contribute to the timeless beauty of your home.


  • Origin: Slate is produced by the compression of clays, shale, and various other rocks. It is associated with the formation of sedimentary rocks.
  • Properties: Normally fine to medium grained, moderately hard and compact; strong and resistant to water. Slate has two lines of breakability, which make it possible to split the stone into thin sheets.
  • Colours: Slate has various textures and shades; the most common colours used in landscaping range from pale to dark grey, red and green.
  • Use: In landscaping, slate is commonly used for patio flooring, stairs, walkways and wall cladding.

Natural Stone Veneer


  • Origin: Granite is an igneous rock. This type of rock is formed when magma or lava cools and becomes solid.
  • Properties: Fine to medium-course grains, extremely hard and dense.
  • Colours: Granite is available in hundreds of colours and colour combinations: white, black and grey, brown, blue, green, red, pink, yellow, tan and violet.
  • Use: In landscaping, granite is commonly used for stepping stones, walls, wall cladding and paving.


  • Origin: Flagstone is a sedimentary rock that can be cut or split into layers. Flagstone can be described as a flat thin slab of natural stone that is quarried from various stone deposits all over the world; it is cut to form a shallow flat slab.
  • Properties: Flat stone which has a longer surface area in relation to the thickness; can be naturally split along the lineation planes. .
  • Colours: The most available flagstone colors are pale to dark grey, brown, green, sand, yellow and red.
  • Use: In landscaping, flagstone is commonly used for patios, walkways, steps, fences and pool decks.

Sandstone and Limestone veneer


  • Origin: Sandstone is a sedimentary rock, made up mostly of small grains of quartz. The majority of sandstone is created when tiny fragments of rock and dirt settle to the bottom of oceans, lakes and rivers. As the time passes, these layers of sand are buried under more sand and dirt until the fragments are turned into solid rock.
  • Properties: Very hard, compact and fine grained
  • Colours: Sandstone is available in many colours; the most frequent colors used for landscaping projects are buff, brown, blue, black and pink.
  • Use: In landscaping, sandstone is commonly used to make walls, walkways, garden furniture, fountains as well as decorative stone.


  • Origin: Limestone is a sedimentary rock that is formed by the build up of shells, bones and other calcium rich goods at the bottom of oceans, lakes and rivers. The organic matters on top of which these calcium rich items settle are preserved as fossils. As time passes, layer after layer is built up. The heat and the pressure of the layers cause a chemical reaction and the sediments turn into solid stone: limestone.
  • Properties: Hard, compact, fine to very fine grained; low water absorption.
  • Colours: Limestone is generally grey, but can vary in colour from white to grey, red, yellow or black.
  • Use: In landscaping, limestone is commonly used for furniture, walls, wall cladding and paving.